klj group

A Pioneer in Manufacturing

We at KLJ emphasize on introducing innovative products. Our passion is to research on futuristic technologies and further adopt them to develop products that make your lives easier. KLJ Group provides State-of-the-Art technologies for manufacturing which is also the reason behind our high quality offerings.

Being the largest manufacturer of Plasticizers and Polymer Compounds in South Asia, our products are preferred by a plethora of organizations.

What KLJ fabricates becomes the premium raw material for the companies ranging from cables and wires to medical equipments!Besides, we have also ventured in the domain of real estate and built exemplary projects in and around Delhi.

Our manufacturing units in India and overseas are managed by a team of dedicated Doctorates, Panel of Industry Experts and Analysts to provide the best products. The success secret of KLJ Group lies in continuously focusing on applied research for bettering the production process and inventing revolutionary technologies.